Orangutans a marketing gimmick for Bicycle sales in Austin, TX?

Why an orangutan?  We thought maybe it would peak your curiosity and perhaps convince you to take a look at the bicycle gear at our Austin, TX store, “Velorangutan”, where you can purchase bicycle products online or in store.  All of the bicycle products we carry can purchased via phone.  In store we focus on bicycle helmets, jerseys, gloves, shoes, shorts and parts whether you ride a mountaing bike or a gravel grinder.  You’ll find great quality bike products at an excellent price point.  We will price match any product in store that you find for sale online.  We carry quality products which will last and hold up in a crash.  There are many brands of bicycle gear that look great, but really are not made well.  We tend to be frugal by nature and always look for the best value for the money, however, quality, safety, and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.  We think that shows with the products sold at Velorangutan.
Our niche tends to be custom high end mountain bike builds, but we offer much more.